How to use the Minolta Zoom 5

How to use the Minolta Zoom 5 (Freedom Action Zoom, Riva Zoom Pico and Autodate Zoom).

The Minolta Zoom 5 is a 35mm autofocus compact camera from Minolta. A similar body version is also known as the Freedom Action Zoom, Riva Zoom Pico and Autodate Zoom.  The Japan models have an additonal panorama mode. 

It features a 38 to 60mm zoom lens. A self-timer is provided. Compatible with 25-3200 ISO DX code film. Power is with a single CR123A battery.

  • Introduced in 1980s, Japan Model
  • Camera type : 35mm camera
  • Lens : Minolta 38-60mm
  • Focusing : Auto Focus
  • Power: 1x 3V CR123A lithium battery
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