Identifying issue on the Negatives

It is always easier / better to identify the issues from the negative rather than the scanned images. This way, we can hopefully somehow pinpoint on the cause and work on rectifications. 

This guide is mainly to show how to recognise these issues by looking at the negatives. 

  • Undeveloped Film – when the film is undeveloped. Opaque.
  • Exposed to Light / Over Exposed – Negatives are exposed to too much light before processing. ‘Over Exposed’ may have images that appear dark on the negatives.
  • Not Exposed / Under Exposed – Negatives are exposed to insufficient light before processing. ‘Under Exposed’ may have images that appear light on the negatives.
  • Light Leaks – Negative is somehow expose to light through leaks and small gaps. Major light leaks may result in ‘Exposed to Light’ as well.
  • Images on Negative – Ideally what you want to achieve.